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Force Check

Accurately measure tool-clamping force on machining centers.

Force Chcek

Proper clamping force:

  • Reduces wear on the machine taper
  • Improves product finish
  • Eliminates fretting
  • Increases toolholder and spindle life
  • Improves machine accuracy
  • Helps prevent "stuck" tapers
  • Reduces tool breakage, vibration, and wear
  • Saves money on maintenance costs

Knowing that the tool-clamping force meets machine builder specifications is of vital importance. Correct clamping force on machining centers provides a sound connection between spindle and tool. A drop in clamping force can indicate worn or broken springs and other problems with the drawbar. Insufficient clamping force may result in accidents should the tool unclamp during machining.

This critical performance – the tool-clamping force – is often never measured after a machine is put into service. Regular verification allows problems to be detected early so maintenance and repairs can be scheduled. As a result, emergencies and unexpected downtime can be avoided. When troubleshooting, ForceCheck allows quick diagnostic verification of drawbar performance. Additionally, ISO 9000 requires periodic verification of a machine’s important accuracy parameters.

Technical Features
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Technical Features

Selectable pound or Newton display (any other units are available) Selectable "peak hold" of clamping force Auto shut-off saves battery life if the unit is left on Rechargeable NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery and charger 16 character alpha-numeric LCD display Calibration data for each measuring bar is electronically stored in the measuring bar Last calibration date is displayed when a measuring bar is connected to the readout Analog to digital conversion directly at the sensor improves accuracy Software allows new functions and improvements to be programmed into the readout Other display languages are available Data-logging function available for detailed clamping force analysis ForceCheck in use



The ForceCheck pull-force gage measures the clamping force of power drawbars on machining centers.

Retention Knobs

For proper measurement of pull-force on standard taper machines, the correct retention knob for the machine must be used with the force-sensing bar. We recommend always using the same retention knob for measuring clamping force.

Force Check Order Information

ForceCheck gages are available for all steep and HSK taper sizes, as well as KM and Capto. In addition, we can make special adapters for custom tapers, chucks, collets, or any unique clamping systems.

Sets include force-sensing bar(s), readout unit, connecting cable, carrying case, rechargeable NiMH battery, and battery charger. Please specify battery charger voltage (110V or 220V), as well as display language (English, German, or Spanish).

ForceCheck Kit: